VERTEL JOU VRIENDE! Donker spoor en Offerlam nou in Engels beskikbaar

Die lekkerlees krimi-boeke, Donker spoor deur Martin Steyn en Offerlam deur Chanette Paul, is nou beskikbaar in Engels.

Dark traces − Martin Steyn

The last thing middle-aged Warrant Officer Jan Magson wants in his life, is a serial-killer file; yet that is his job and together with Warrant Officer Colin Menck they follow the traces of darkness: They discover a teacher with a murky past; come across “love letters” mailed to the girl’s parents by, in all likelihood, the murderer; and spot a pool cleaner who likes to photograph teenage girls with a zoom lens.

The darkness of the case echoes the empty chambers of Magson’s inner being: He has recently lost his wife to cancer, and he mourns the broken relationship with his son in England.

Unlike so many detectives in modern fiction, Magson does not turn to the bottle. Steyn sets up a tight text in which the inner darkness of a good man mirrors the darkness he has to deal with – leaving him stranded in the dark traces of the night, all alone, with the service pistol at his side; a tempting enabler to a final world of complete darkness.

Another girl is found in a field.

Then two more girls disappear within two days. Magson and Menck know they are racing against the clock. If the killer sticks to his pattern, which is likely, these two girls will be dead by the weekend.

Donker Spoor Hoëres

Dark traces is hier te koop: en koop Donker spoor hier:

Donker spoor  Martin Steyn

Tienermeisies verdwyn die een na die ander. Hulle word gevind: eers gemartel en toe gehang. Dit is op hierdie monster wat adjudant-offisier Magson jag maak. Maar agter hom loop ’n donker spoor.


Sacrificed − Chanette Paul          

The Congo, 1961: A man is murdered in cold blood and his beloved is left for dead.

 Fifty-three years later, Caz Colijn receives a phone call that tears her out of her reclusive life. In Belgium, where she tries to trace her and her daughter’s family origins, it becomes clear that that country’s colonial past has had as much impact on her life as the apartheid years in South Africa did.

The phone call Professor Luc DeReu receives is less traumatic, but he too is ripped out of his familiar orbit when the woman he blames for his father’s premature death re-enters his bland existence.

In the meantime, Erevu and his grandson must trace the nkísi taken from them more than five decades ago in order for them to fulfil their holy mission.

When the paths of this group of people cross, it leads once again to murder.


Koop nou Sacrificed hier: en koop Offerlam hier:

Die Kongo, 1961: ’n Man word koelbloedig vermoor en sy geliefde word vir dood agtergelaat.

Drie en vyftig jaar later kry Caz Colijn ʼn oproep wat haar kluisenaarsbestaan uit mekaar ruk.

In België waar sy haar en haar dogter se herkoms probeer naspoor, word dit duidelik dat dié land se koloniale verlede net so ’n groot impak op haar lewe gehad het soos die apartheidsjare in Suid-Afrika.


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